Slowing down memory loss

What is memory loss?

Memory requires encoding information, storing it in different parts of brain and retrieving the information as and when needed. If brain is unable to do any of these steps, it is called memory loss or amnesia.

What are the types of memory loss?headache

Mainly two types:

Anterograde amnesia( Unable to form new memories)

Retrograde amnesia(Unable to remember things prior to any incident f.eks trauma)

Anterograde amnesia is the type of memory loss occurring during old age. The loss in ability to form memories as a person ages is also called age associated memory impairment (AAMI). It generally starts at middle age ( approx.40 years) and goes on increasing with age.

Age related memory decline is taken as normal, but there are conditions in which memory loss can be worse than normal as occurs in MILD COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT and ALZHEIMER´S DISEASE.

What are the ways to slower memory loss?

Irrespective of the cause, there are certain ways which can slower memory decline. These might not be equally effective in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, but are of great help in age related memory decline and mild cognitive impairment. These include:

Exercise: regular aerobic exercise like running, It causes hippocampal neurogenesis and increases the plasticity of brain. Hippocampus is important primarily for learning and memory.

Diet: Include brain food in your diet on daily basis. Avoid diets with excessive fat. Also eat food that are rich source of vitamin A, B,C, and E. These include green vegetables(Spinach), yellow fruits(Papaya, mango) for Vit A. Sea foods , cheese,and fish oil for Vit B. Citrus fruits like lime, orange for Vit C and spinach, mustard green, kiwi and papaya for Vit E.

Micronutrient supplements : You can take micronutrient supplement if necessary. Besides vitamins, omega-3-fatty acid is an important micronutrient that keeps the neurons in your brain happy. Eating fish oil and salmon provides you omega-3-fatty acid.  The supplements of omega-3-fatty acid can be found in the market with various names.

Daily brain stimulation: Solve puzzles, play mind stimulating games like chess, sodoku etc. Also you recall your daily activities while going to bed to stimulate your brain . Several online brain games available in internet for this purpose.

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